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      WHO WE ARE

      We want to help others succeed and chase their dreams without them being worn down by the elements of business that suck the life away from their actual talents. I firmly believe that as soon as your business venture can afford to hire out tasks, you should be looking for others to fill in the gaps where you are weak. Especially if those gaps lie in the way of scaling your business. Most business owners know marketing is imperative for growth, but struggle to understand how to implement it for themselves. You want to do what you’re good at, so let us do what we’re good at by handling your design, social media marketing, content creation, and strategy. Let’s get you back to what you love; spend more time building your business, leading your employees, and maybe even taking a little break.

      Kimber Communications is a team of marketers and creatives who want to take the weight of social media marketing off your hands. The burden you feel trying to keep up with your social channels doesn’t have to be there! We can free up your time and alleviate your stress – whether that be by creating inspiring content, posting to social for you, or even helping you know where to start. We don’t just understand marketing, we are business owners who see the strain, time, and effort you put into your business. It’s our goal to help you set and reach your goals through marketing. The team of employees and freelancers we’ve amassed bring top tier talent and a variety of offerings to our clients, so you won’t get just a marketing plan but you’ll look good, too.